How to promote bounty campaign for ICO on Facebook

Adverting for cryptocurrencies on Facebook is tougher today than ever before. This has been so since Facebook founder announced the ban on advertising Cryptos on the network. This is why the crypto community is not able to see their ads on Facebook.

The basics

To better understand how you can get your ICO bounty promoted on Facebook, let’s start from the top. It is essential that we refresh our minds on some of the things involved.

What is a crypto ICO?

Starting businesses simply use an ICO or an Initial Coin Offering. They put up the offer to give investors an opportunity to buy units of their new crypto-currencies through Ethereum.

A starting company needs funds to be able to survive especially in the crypto sphere. For this reason, they put up SEOs to raise initial funds. Nevertheless, companies might raise their funding to huge sums of money. The reason is, there is great instability in regulations regarding the creation, approval, and selling of ICOs.

ICOs are just the same as IPOs that a business or a person buys. The simplest description of an ICO would be ‘shares’ in a company or a project.

What did Facebook ban crypto advertising?

The crypto market is quite huge and has grown in competition. Due to this reason, the market is unpredictable with a lot of fraudulent marketers.The decision to ban adverts based in the cryptosphere is based on the policy against fraudulent marketer. It could be seen as an important decision though.

Everyone in the industry should be aware that there are a lot of scams running around. Dirty project owners and businesses play these frauds to steal from unsuspecting users.The main reason why this is still an issue is, ICO is a market that is still young and quite underdeveloped. Perhaps it lacks the necessary regulations to run such a huge free market that is still unstable.

If you argue on this line, then there is nothing with the decision made by Facebook. It might have been right to ban ICO promotion. If the industry was good without any issue of instability; Facebook would have been the best media to promote ICOs. But the ICO field was changed radically since the ban from Facebook. But there is still a need to apply Facebook channels to increase the promotion.


The most effective way is for a business to use a balanced and tailor-made solution. This way they can promote their ICOs in the most effective way of using ICOs.

There are several ways to promote ICOs successfully. The only thing is, the process must be modified to meet the set standards and regulations. In essence, advertising can take place without showing direct access to Facebook advertising, cryptos, and ICOs.

This is to say that, you can still use Facebook to advertise ICOs and cryptos without making it look like you are doing so. It is all about obeying the rules. The following is the guide to achieve this.

Create the Facebook account ASAP

Rules for setting up Facebook accounts for new cryptocurrencies, and ICOs are always changing. You don’t want to get between the waves. It is better to set up an account as soon as you start the project.

The team should be able to a community out of the project followers. Well, you should have followers united based on a specific idea that is not the ICO. This is a normal thing in the lives of a human as they are encouraged following a certain line of ideas and ideologies. Money is not the only way to make people act and react. A service like Social Boss for Facebook promotion can help you set up a community.

ICO campaigns should involve bounty projects seriously

Once you have set the profile, generating bounty projects in the ICO campaigns should not be a problem. These programs encourage users by giving rewards in the form of crypto tokens or fiat currency.


Developing crypto ads for ICO bounty program is where the real issue lies. The best advice is not to use ICO keywords. It is better to use synonyms of the common keywords.


As much as advertising ICOs and related items on Facebook are hard, it is necessary. The ideas shared above will get you set on the route. Other ways include investing in other social media channels and employing the services of expert agencies.

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